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How to become financially fitter in 30 minutes

So, while once upon a time it was family and friends who threw in their two cents for free, now anyone with an Internet connection can reap the benefitsĀ of free tips from finance professionals.

Here are our tips for shaping up, fast.

Find any lost super

An alarming amount of superannuation sits unclaimed in funds every year.

Super can go missing when a person changes funds or gives the wrong details to an employer.

And while relatively easy, finding lost super is often a task that goes into the too hard basket for busy workers.

If you think you might have super waiting for you out in the ether, try this quick search via the Australian Taxation Offices website.

You can also check with AUSFund - a non-profit that holds lost super from 35 Australian super funds.

Meet ed

If you think your budgeting tools need sharpening, it might be time for you to meet ed, ME Banks quick and easy online finance school.

Classes range from money basics, to managing debt and living with a home loan.

For those in need of a financial plan, try this class on budgeting.

Unlike many finance tools online, eds classes are easy on the eye and over before you know it.